NAPWU Membership

Members Benefit Fund offers death benefit of N$7 500.00 per member.

NAPWU Vision:

To be a global leading and reputable public sector union that delivers quality service to its members, aiming for excellence and recognition on an international scale.


NAPWU's Mission:

To empower its members through effective communication and superior service delivery.

It aims to provide members with the tools and support needed to thrive in the work- place and beyond.


NAPWU Core Values



NAPWU's staff and leaders adhere to high standards of work ethic and conduct to achieve their goals effectively.

NAPWU respects the rights and wishes of its members and stakeholders, ensuring their expectations are met.


NAPWU is committed to transparency and authenticity in all its dealings, remaining true to its word and actions.


NAPWU and its members take responsibility for their actions, accepting feedback and striving for improvement.


NAPWU promotes collaboration and effective communication among its staff, members, and leaders, fostering confidence and unity.


INAPWU emphasizes the strength of togetherness, standing united in all situations to achieve common goals.


NAPWU conducts itself with integrity, doing what is right in a trustworthy and hardworking manner.


NAPWU holds itself accountable for its actions and performance, accepting responsibility for its outcomes.


NAPWU commits to continuous improvement and the introduction of new ideas and methods to enhance its service delivery.


NAPWU's staff members are committed to providing quality, effective, and efficient service, demonstrating professionalism in all aspects of their work.

  • To organize workers and to improve their economic and social welfare and to fight for economic justice for all Namibian workers.
  • To group them together according to the nature of work they are engaged in, assist them in forming work committees of their own under the auspices of NAPWU.
  • To strive for the betterment of economic and social welfare of all Namibia workers, as well as for social and economic justice in general.
  • To regulate relations and settle disputes between NAPWU members and their employers.
  • To promote education, health and safety, sport and recreation of NAPWU members.
  • To co-operate with other trade union to bring about socio-economic change in Namibia.
  • To provide and promote projects, training courses and seminars for NAPWU members.
  • To provide advice and legal assistance to NAPWU members.
  • To encourage and promote a spirit of solidarity and unity among all workers.
  • To oppose any discrimination in employment and to fight for the right of all workers to work at fair wages
  • To advance the democratic rights of all workers.
  • To make representation to government on labour and trade union legislation and other matters affecting workers.
  • To promote international friendship, co-operation and solidarity with all workers of the world.

NAPWU General Secretary Petrus T Nevonga calling on all Namibian workers to unite under the auspices of NUNW:

NAPWU as one of the biggest trade union in the country is charged with the responsibility to defend the workers’ rights and interests. The Namibian workers and or the people of Namibia are negatively affected by the high living condition in the country. High inflation on food and transport remains one of the daily challenges in our beloved land. The effort made by our Government to step in and introduce zero rated tax on a seleced number of products is highly commended by NAPWU and Namibian workers in particular.

The Namibian Workers are faced with many challenges such as Unfair Labour Practices, discrimination of employees, harassment of our female employees at workplaces and low wages and therefore calling on all Namibian Workers to unite and resist against these challenges.

Napwu as one of the NUNW affiliated union, we are oganizing workers based on a slogan of one country one Federation (NUNW), and one union one industry. Our federation (NUNW) ,Food and Allied Industy (NAFAU) Public Sector (NAPWU),Mining Sector (MUN) Transport and Allied Industry (NATAU), Teachers (NANTU), Financial Sector (NAFINU) , Farming Sector (NAFWU) , Music Industry (NAMIU), Metal and Allied Industry (MANWU) depending on the industry where you are employed please join the respective union.

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